Passion VS Pay: What’s your choice?

If you go to a bookstore, you’ll see lots and lots of books about passion and practical method, books that tell you about what is important in your life and why you should follow your dreams .Similarly googling it up will flood your screen with the no. of debates on this hot topic. The reason why this issue was raised was because nowadays more and more people have become money-centered. Between Passion and Pay they choose Pay.

Reason: Money can buy you things that you want, it brings comfort, luxury and safety and more often then not people will quote something like “Yes, Money can’t buy happiness but its better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle”. The point is that money gets precedence over everything else and yes, there’s no denying the fact that money does have its own privileges, it allows you certain control,and people looking for jobs, especially youngsters, are dazzled (if not blinded) by the Rupee sign. The lure of money, more money, and even more money is so much so that often people compromise about what they are passionate about, what they love, to opt for jobs that is financially more satisfying,

This might not seem very problematic at the first glance, cause seriously money more then makes up for any discomfort or pain that compromising cost, right? Well, no. In the long run the hunger for monetary gains gradually dies but passion, passion is what holds and brings you real happiness. Career choices are one of the toughest decisions of life. Let us look at five reasons why one should follow his heart and not get caught up in money’s satanic clutches.

Live life to the fullest

When you’re in school and college, you try and have as much fun as you possibly can because you want to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. You do what you want and derive pleasure from it. Why do you have to give up that thinking when you grow up?

Working in a regular 9 to 5 job may help you pay the bills, but gradually it starts to bore you because you’re not really into it. Your job is just a burden. Simple things like waking up in the morning or travelling becomes a part of your boring have-to-do routine. But if you’re passionate about your job, it becomes so much easier to dedicate hours after hours because it is simply fun! Going to work becomes an exhilarating experience and you have deep sense of content that is hard to find anywhere.

Ideas, new ideas and more new ideas

Lets say that you’re passionate about photography. The fact that you love your camera makes you explore different ideas. Your talent gets more nurtured and takes you on the road to success and sometimes fame. You think people like Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi (there are countless number of example), could they achieve what they have today, if they hadn’t followed their passion?

Contrast this with a job that you do just for the sake of money. You might not want to give your 120% because after all it’s just a job. You only care about your paycheck.It’s almost like trying to live someone else’s life.

Work, Eat, Sleep, n Repeat

Yes. This is exactly what you feel when you do something that you don’t love. It is boring and monotonous and you lack the enthusiasm. Work seems to be forced upon you so much so that sometimes people start to resent their job!

You don’t want to put in any extra hour and if you have to, you absolutely detest it. Why? Why are you so eager to get away from the job place that is helping you earn good money? The answer is simple- it doesn’t holds your interest. There is a huge difference between “I do this because I have to do this” and “I do this because I want to do this”.

Passion brings flexibility and challenge and newness. If you are passionate about singing, you will try different genre of music and shape your music according to your audience. This all becomes a challenge that you just have to pass.

Obstacles become a milestone when you follow your heart

No one can deny that life is full of obstacles. This holds true for your jobs too. Time and again you face new challenges which become easier to face if you are happy and comfortable in what you are doing. In fact these obstacles just test your patience and creativity and you pass with flying colors if you really, really love your job.

Lets again take an example. Say you work for a fashion magazine and during a photo shoot a certain accessory goes missing. Now if you are not really interested in fashion and you simply took this job because of its salary, you will panic and be on the verge of hysteria and curse your circumstances. Whereas if you are doing your job because you love fashion, improvising a new accessory becomes a challenge! See the difference?

Money = comfort but Passion = satisfaction

The most important thing about doing what you love, or as you say the icing on the cake, is the satisfaction of job well done.

Say you wanted to be a writer but looking at the condition of people who try and are unable to make it into the world of literature, you change your mind and instead become, say, a bank employee. Your pay is good and you have stability. But are you happy? Can you ever get that happiness that you felt when you wrote a story?

You live only once and in order to extract maximum happiness from your life, you have to enjoy every single moment of it. You should not compromise with your happiness.

Learn to choose your priority and be happy and content!

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