10th boards

Have you felt the need to go back in time and change your past decision, the one decision that will re-do your life and make it the way you want it to be? Well, if you’re in 10thor below or have just appeared for your boards, you have never thought about a carrier option for yourself. But students in 12th who had opted for, say science, and now wished they hadn’t or vice versa, do know what I’m talking about. And believe me when I say that the decisions you make at this point of time are very crucial for your coming years.

Hype, pressure and choices.

The end of 10th boards marks the end of an era in a student’s life. Suddenly you’re an adult now. You get to own new swanky cell-phones, have late hour curfews and all around get a little more freedom. But there’s another part that’s attached to this age- the constant need to know what you want to do with your life

The drama of a teenage world

Chaos- that is one word that I think describes a teenage mind perfectly. Teenage years are all about first crushes, beauty emergencies, newly earned independence, etc. The number of emotions and thoughts that runs in a teenage mind is so much that it is hard to concentrate on any one particular topic. But as boring as it sounds, being a teenage means being responsible, and there’s nothing more responsible then having to choose one’s own career.

Yeah, career. Since we are kids we are asked the same question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” But whereas as a child you can reply easily that you want to be a “candy man” or a “doctor” or an “astronaut”. As a grownup you are expected to take this question seriously. If you say you want to become a “doctor”, you’ll be asked questions about how you plan to go about it and so on and so forth.

13 going on 30

The most important question to consider is-what exactly is the age when we take this life-altering decision? Definitely not when we are 3-4 years old! Well, in most of the schools career counseling of some sort starts after the child is in 8th-9th, so we can take the decision making age to be around 13-14

I know this might sound very scary. But the thing about career is that it is not about world, it’s about you. And by the time you are 13, you know enough about yourself to realize what you want to become in your life, which subject interests you or which subject you absolutely can’t stand! So even though you’re only 13, you have to be as responsible as someone of 30 and take a decision wisely and patiently.

Do I absolutely have to decide now?

Somehow it seems ridiculous that at the age you are watching Disney channel, you are forced to make a life-changing decision. But the truth is one doesn’t live forever and hence an early decision is important so that you can have an early start. But the plus point is the stream options available to you after your 10th boards are such that if one option doesn’t works out, you can go for another!

Say as a 14 year old you want to become an engineer and choose science but later on, lets say in 12th, you are no longer interested in becoming an engineer. Now what? Well, if you like science, you can pursue higher degrees in science or vice versa.

Options for class 12th

Let us take a look at the stream options available to you once you are done with 10th boards.

Commerce: This deals with courses on trade and business. You should opt for this if you are interested in business studies, accountancy, mathematics, statistics, economics, and number crunching.

Science: If you are interested in medical or engineering or have interest in science and plan to pursue higher degrees in it, go for this. It might not be the easiest of stream but it sure is fascinating if you are interested.

Arts/Humanities: This fields includes History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, languages, Anthropology, Human Resources, journalism etc. Depending upon your subject of interest, you can choose this stream. If you are into creativity and love to draw, paint, act, dance, then this stream is sure to suit you.

Farewell, boards and now career?

This is exactly what happens. One moment you’re celebrating the last day of your school, next thing you know, you are busy with the exams and before you know it, its time to decide what course you want to opt for.

More often then not, kids don’t have any idea about the profession that they seemingly choose for themselves. Sometimes parent’s desire, peer pressure or the choice of the crowd is what factors in your decision-making skill. You think that if your friend is going to opt science and appearing for JEE, you should do it too. Or sometimes it’s a matter of familybusiness that pushes you into opting for a certain course.

But what you need to realize is that your career is your life. If you opt for, say commerce, you will have to study maths! So it is very important that you factor in every possible reason before taking a particular decision. If you are confused about what you want, take an aptitude test or take the help of a counselor.

All this talk about career and decision and stream has surely boggled your mind and you must be feeling quite overwhelmed. Well, you needn’t be. Just take a deep calm breath and think about where you want to see yourself ten years from now and then decide which course or option suits you the best. Let your brain guide you while you listen to your heart!

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