Seven steps to successful schooling

Selecting a School with utmost care is mandatory as it is the first step towards education and a good schooling lays the foundation of your future.Come April several thousand children will be joining new schools and starting a new life. But as of now the parents are concerned with one thing, which school should they opt for?

The search has already begun across the country and everyone wants to get the best possible facility available to his/her child. Parents pick up different magazines, go through newspapers and storm the internet in order to decide what should be the better option for his/her child.

Often there is a misconception that schools with large fee structure have better overall facilities. The truth is that affordability is not the issue that should be kept in mind while going through your choices.

What you should rather dois have a plan of action that is based on reason and logic and carefully consider your choice from different directions.

While choosing a School

1)Look up the curriculum:

The first thing a parent must do is, explore the various curriculum options available in India. There is Central Boards of Secondary Education (CBSE),Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and The International Baccalaureate (IB)/International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum. Each of these boards has their own syllabus and approaches a topic differently. For Parents it is important to keep in mind the stability of their job while going through the boards options. If someone is a global employee and likely to travel a lot and go to different countries, he should opt for the International curriculum so that in case of transfer, the child can easily catch up. Similarly the choice of city and likeliness of transfer should be kept in mind while weighing the option of whether to go for CBSE or ICSE. ICSE schools are not available in every town and city.

2) Know your child

All of us have seen Amir Khan’s ‘Taare Zameen Par’ It was a beautiful movie and made a deep impression. Now what we need to absorb from this movie is that each and every child has his/her own special talent and the choice of school should be such that it nurtures that talent. If your child is a good singer, look up the school that has good music trainer so that your child can achieve his dream. Similarly if he is good at sports, opt for one that has good coaches and sport facilities. If the child has a problem likesay, dyslexia, there are special schools for kids like that and parents should not be ashamed of opting for that!

3) Facilities of the school

Often a school that charges huge fees may not have excellentfacilities. You need to make sure that your child gets to study in an environment that has a healthy teacher-student relationship and that the method of teaching is such that it makes studying interesting rather than becoming a burden. Say you want to send your child to ABC school. You can ask the parents who already have kids studying over there. Or even better you can talk to the kid yourself because they are likely to give you a better and more accurate feedback.

4)Check the credentials of the school:

It is a sad but true fact that fraudulence and trickery has seeped into the field of education too and schools have become a business. In order to avoid being misled by the appearance of a school, parents should go through the credentials of the school before finalizing anything. Each board has their own website where they have a list of schools that clearly follow their curriculum and are approved and recognized by them.

5) Go through the extra-curricular activities available in the school:

There is an age old proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The fact holds true today more then ever. When a child applies for admission in colleges, there is a section reserved for students who have achieved success in extra-curricular activities. This should encourage the parents to go for the school that aims towards the over-all development of a child.

6) Plan B to backup Plan A:

Sometimes your child may not get admission into the school of your choice. In that case there is utter chaos as to what to do next. In order to avoid that situation it is best to always have a backup school option.

7) Keep up with the admission schedule:

Each school has got its own separate admission form and has separate deadline. Keeping track of these dates is important as you don’t want your child to miss a golden opportunity to study in the best school simply because he couldn’t apply for it. Newspapers and school websites are timely updated and you can scroll through it to get a general idea.

With these guidelines in mind it should be easy to narrow down your options and give your child the option to have the best available education.

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