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Getting a job in today’s world is both tough and easy. It is easy because of the number of jobs that have come up and tough because there is a cut-throat competition in the world. Having a degree and then being a forced to sit around idly is not one of the most comfortable scenarios. It makes us nervous and uncomfortable.

If you have graduated recently, or are in between jobs, it’s high time that you look at a job profile that suits you.While getting hired may not be in your hand, there are a few things that you can do to jump-start your job search. Here are some tips that might help you groom your experience of finding a job.

Professional Makeover!

You might be a freshly graduated candidate but you’ll still be expected to act professionally. The first thing you need to do is have a stable cell phone number. If you are in the habit of getting new number every month or so, stop it.

Next, set up an email account. You might already have one if you’re on any social networking site, but if it is something like “Sweet_poison” or “”, change it and sign up for another professional one.

Do you have your resume?

Job and Resume go side by side. If you want to apply for any job, you have to submit a resume/CV. So if you don’t have one at hand, write a new one immediately. Your resume should have all your details organized and up-to-date. Take care to perfect your resume and get rid of any mistake it might have. Go through sample resumes to get an idea and focus on creating an impressive one

Try Job search engines.

Several companies use internet to post vacancies. Use the job search engines to go through these listings and apply accordingly. The advantage of job search engine is that all the postings are in one place and it saves you the hassle of browsing page after page.

Be proactive and check your account daily for any opening. Being alert is necessary as the competition is tough and if you are lax, you will be left behind.

Jobs via Networking

Leave no stone unturned in your job search. Set up an account on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. More and more companies are targeting these social websites to post job vacancies. Apart from that, you can also sign up for job alert via email. This way you’ll be made aware immediately about any job listing that fits your requirements.

Get help from Job counselors and attend job fairs.

You can also try seeking help from career counselors who can help in getting touch with companies or giving directions as to how to approach a certain company. Similarly, job fairs also provide you with a lot of opportunity to explore new vacancies.

You can also attend workshops that are held from time to time at your local library or colleges. These workshops may help you in getting a clear picture of what you want and how should you go about it.

Research the hiring companies.

If you have specific companies in mind where you would like to work, research those companies to check whether or not they are hiring. You can visit their website and get the necessary information. Some companies have online application forum that you can avail.

Go traditional!

Newspapers and magazines have a section that lists the job vacancies. So if you are in search of a job, you definitely should go through it.

These steps help you in expanding your horizon and widening your scope. The job listing may not appear immediately. It may take a day, a week, a month, nobody knows for sure, but at least you are taking a step in the right direction. Don’t limit your chances and you will be able to achieve a lot.

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