The ever trending world of the retail sector

With phenomenal growth and a promising future to look forward to, the retail sector has emerged as one of the most profitable industries, especially in India. Big, lavish malls, international brand outlets, new shopping complexes and avenues, online shopping portals…these are the outcome of the expansion that the retail industry has brought about and it’s just the beginning. With endless possibilities, the retail industry will surely provide a lot of new and upcoming jobs.

You’re probably wondering what exactly this retail sector is. In simple words, the retail sector is all about the buying and selling of merchandise. It is a market that has come up as a result of growing consumerism and increasing demands of customers. For example, you’ve heard of Wal-Mart, right? That, my friends, is the largest retail chain.

Retail and its growth in India

As we know, India is a developing country that is witnessing a fast-paced growth in the retail sector. The economic boom across the nation has led to an investment in luxury and branded items. With the world becoming a global village, more and more interaction is taking place between different cultures and so more knowledge and desire for brands is coming up.

You are aware of the importance that is given to brand value and finished products. We all look for jeans from Levi’s, clothes from Provogue, shoes from Nike, etc. Even within different brands, selling the same product, we still have so many choices to choose from. And as the market has always been about providing society with what they want, if the people of the 21st century want comfort and luxury in their daily lives, who are we to deny them?

Apart from that, we Indians have so many festivals and occasions to celebrate- Holi, Diwali, Id, Christmas, etc. to name a few. And let us not forget our big fat weddings. The investment is HUGE on these occasions as we follow the tradition of exchanging gifts. You see what I’m talking about? The retail sector is becoming more and more popular in India with each passing day. So why shouldn’t you be a step ahead of everyone and take advantage of what this sector has to offer?

Retail as your prospective career.

New job opportunities- that is what you get in the retail sector. With new career choices and lifestyles emerging, you’ve got to go out and explore your options. All the conventional job choices are still there, but the new ones that are coming up open a lot of gates for you and bring about new opportunities.

You are, or soon will be, looking for a job and it is a good idea to gather information about this expanding territory and analyze the potential of one of the most booming industries.

What am I getting out of it?

In every job we look for returns. We always face the question “Why am I doing this?” So let’s take a look at what a job in the retail sector has to offer:

  • Variety, options and challenges: This sectorincludes buying-selling areas, visual merchandising, the finance sector, marketing, human resources and yes, the upcoming e-commerce sector. The options that you have over here make the job very interesting.

  • Globalized nature of work: The best thing about the retail sector is that it’s not limited to a particular area or region. Its roots are spread across the globe. So you can be sure that any job in this field will always continue to grow.

  • Flexible nature: If you want a job which you can schedule according to your commitments, this is it. You can adjust your hours and shifts according to your lifestyle. Plus, the growing interest in online shopping has created all kinds of new jobs that, once again, are very flexible and are open to change.

  • Climbing the ladder: In the corporate world, there is a definite order of working. All of us wish to be in a job where we can work our way to the higher posts. The same goes for the retail sector. If you have high aspirations and a quick/sharp mind, you can go much farther in this job.

The pay is good, the chances of promotion are higher than most jobs, it offers you a variety to choose from, the sector is going strong and isn’t likely to shrink in the coming years, need I say more about why retailing is all about good business?

What skills or talent are required for this job?

Every job has its own set of required skills and this sector is no different. Here’s a list of skills that are generally sought after in this sector:

  • Communication skills: The foremost requirement for this job is that you need to be a people-person who is good at communication. You will have to be around customers and you have to know how to manage people of different temperaments.

  • Understanding of the Society: For becoming an expert in this field, what you need to do is to develop a better understanding of a society, their customs, their culture, their chief field of expenditure, which festival takes them shopping or which season sees the most buying-selling pattern, etc.? You have to analyze the surroundings and plan your market strategy accordingly.

  • Observation skills: Having an analytical bend of mind that can observe and understand what a customer wants and having the ability to manage a project or launch new ideas is required to work in any retail industry whether Indian or international.

  • Experience: Anyone with experience or the relevant qualifications in the field of retail industry like visual merchandising, marketing, human resources etc., can get into this field.

Tips for working in this sector:

Since you will be handling customers, you need to have good communication skills and a way with handling all sorts of people. If a customer is rude or obnoxious, you cannot afford to lose your temper with him/her. Instead, you have to work in a way that you can charm him into visiting the shop again and again. So here’s what you can do to make your job easier and get successful results:

  • Make the customer feel welcome: A simple “Hello” or “Namaste” coupled with a friendly smile is all that it takes to make the customer feel at home. It makes them happy and puts them more at ease.

  • Be polite and helpful: Sometimes the customers need help to navigate their way around the shop looking for a particular product. It is up to you to guide them properly to their merchandise and help them find the product. If they come to you with a question, answer them as honestly as you can.

  • Maintain a happy and warm atmosphere: Shopping trips are all about fun and laughter. If you keep a morose and tense work atmosphere, no one will feel comfortable shopping at your store. You may be facing your own set of problems, but you need to keep them aside while you’re working. Try and keep the work area light and friendly.

  • Warm words, happy customers: Hearing someone say “Have a nice day” or “Hope to see you again” feels good, right? So adopt these strategies for this job too. It will make the customer feel good and happy and that in turn will give you the satisfaction of having done your job well.

If you think that you have in you what it takes to succeed in this sector, you definitely should go for it. Forget what society thinks. Use your own mind and weigh the pros and cons of the job and make your choice.

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