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You are looking for anew job and are getting ready to submit your resume, but what about a cover letter? Is it always necessary to spend time writing a cover letter, or are there times you can get away without one?

When you apply for a job, the first thing you are required to do is to submit a job application letter or a CV. Then, there is the interview round and finally it is decided whether or not you are suitable for the particular job. You might be wondering, what exactly is the purpose of the application letter? A job application letter contains some general information about you and the way you answer these questions is very, very important.

Why do I need to focus on getting the application letter right?

The purpose of the application letter is to give the recruiter an idea about you. They check whether or not you meet their criteria and on the basis of that, they select/reject you. Since the number of candidates rejected is usually more than the number of candidates selected, you need to make sure that your letter impresses the recruiters.

Your application letter points out your suitability factor and it’s essential for you to make a point as to why you are the best candidate for the job

The right way to write the application letter!

  • Personal information- Make sure all the information mentioned is legitimate and accurate. Always be truthful while you are volunteering information about yourself. Double check everything, from the spelling of your name to your birth date to your permanent address.

  • Appreciate the words “less is more”- Organize your answers- think before you write. Your answers should be precise and to the point. No exaggeration and no beating around the bush.
  • Don’t leave anything blank- If a certain question is not applicable to you, just write “not applicable” or “N/A”.

  • Tidy handwriting- You want the interviewer to understand your answers, right? So write your answers neatly. To make it easier, you can draft everything before you write it on the paper.

  • Proof read it!- Sometimes we make mistakes while writing. It might be a simple spelling error but it might affect your image. So go through your letter once you’re done writing all the necessary information.

Your answers- the absolute thumbs down!

The application letter tries to give an image of your persona to the job interviewer so it is natural that you would want to come across as impressive. But there are a few mistakes that you could make in this attempt and they spoil the interviewer’s impression of you. Let’s review what you shouldn’t write in the form:

  • All of us want to appear unique and stand apart from the crowd. And the desire to be different is so much that we often exaggerate our virtues (or the lack of them), thinking that it makes us special. But if all the candidates try and stand apart, don’t they fall in the same category? Don’t try to appear very smart or witty. Write what you feel in a short, no-nonsense manner.

  • If you come across questions like “how comfortable/efficient are you in a team?” or “how adaptable are you to change?” try not to appear over enthusiastic while answering. Don’t say that you have “excellent communication skills” or that you can “adapt to any change”. You don’t know who you are going to work with and neither do you know what changes you might face. Be moderate in your reply.

  • Don’t let it become an opportunity to showcase your vocabulary. Try to limit your words to short, common ones. If you try and use long, heavy words in hopes of impressing the Big Guy, you might end up doing the exact opposite. I mean, c’mon, how will you react if you ask your friend how he is feeling and he replies with “I’m feeling simply rhapsodic”? You’ll feel as if you’re talking to a thesaurus, and believe me that is NOT a compliment.

Try to think from the perspective of the person who will be reading all the application forms or CVs. How do you think he would react to all those exaggerated virtues and emotions?

Online form submission.

Okay, you all know that we are going digital in every way possible and nowadays you can apply for a job simply through the internet. All you need to do is submit the application letter online and your CV (if they ask).Typing may not be second nature to you, so before submitting anything, re-check the content of your documents and get rid of any typing errors.

If you are confused about any process, check the site of the employers. They usually have a sample letter and a proper guide on how to submit the letter. Check your internet connection and have power backup. You may have to submit the application form in one go and having your computer shut down in the middle or losing the internet connection won’t help you.

If you have to email the employer, make sure that you write a formal email with the correct format. Remember, the recruiter is NOT your friend and so you cannot address him like one.

Filling forms is not exactly rocket science. All you need to focus on is your answer, your language and the way you present an answer. Just be honest, sincere and brief and emphasize on why you are the best person for the job.

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