The know-how of University selection

Choosing a college is hand’s down one of the toughest decision that you make. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind that you get confused and frustrated and without a proper guidance, you may end up choosing the wrong institution. We wish there was a way that could take us directly from school to college without having to go through this hassle of exploring and selecting a college.

The question that now comes to your mind is- How to decide which university suits you the best? Well, there are certain specific requirements that you should keep in mind while going through your college applications. These requirements help in narrowing your option, before you can finalize on one. Let us take a look at some items that you should bear in mind:

Check the ratings!

When you plan to watch a movie, you always make sure to go through critic’s review; in fact you check multiple newspaper and internet sites to make sure the movie comes recommended. So, do the same about the universities! Institutions across the country, as well as the world, are annually reviewed and rated. These reviews are available on internet and printed in magazines. Students can easily get a copy and go through it.

There are subject, faculty, infrastructure and international relevance based ratings that can give you an idea about which college qualifies your need. But since the rankings are pretty competitive, make sure that you take a look at 2-3 reviews in order to arrive at a general conclusion.

If you are planning to go abroad, it’s a good idea to take a look at the International university rankings such as the QS World University Ranking.

Look for UGC accreditation in Indian universities

UGC stands for University Grant Commission. The universities, be it private or under the control of central/state government, are duly affiliated by the UGC. The body serves to coordinate and authorize the functioning of different technical and professional institutes. Similarly, if you are planning to opt for agricultural studies, make sure that the institute bears the recognition of ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research).

The reason why you should check for the accreditation before applying is because in recent years a number of private universities have come up and some of them are not even recognized by the respective governing bodies. The affiliation saves you from deception and fraud.

College societies and social activities

I’m sure you guys have a vague idea about different kinds of societies that each college has- like the drama club, dancing groups, debating society, photography club etc. College life is sort of incomplete unless you are a part of any such group.

These societies are not only about your passion and interest; it is also about meeting like-minded people who will help you nurture your talent. So make sure that the University of your Choice has the society that you are interested in.

Student council and support system

Remember the council members of your school? This is somewhat like that, but on a more mature and responsible level. Student council in colleges is appointed to help out students. Any issue that you might be facing in college can be brought to their attention and they would provide help or solution accordingly.

Friend factor

Many times what happen is that the possibility of going somewhere new without the familiar backup of your friends looks like a terrifying aspect. In order to avoid that you try and follow what most of your friend are opting for.

Going to a new place means looking at new opportunities and making new friends. If you don’t try and get out of your cocooned shell and meet new people, how will you learn new things? So step out of comfort zone and make your decision based on your requirements.

Scholarships and financial aids

Almost every college provides scholarship and monetary help to meritorious students. Check the criteria for such aid and apply accordingly. If you’re from a family with low income, you can work hard and secure seats in premier institutes through your merit. You need not let money issue hold you back.

Also, living in a foreign country is an expensive business. So if you have plans to go abroad, it is a good idea to look up the scholarship offers of the respective universities.

Abroad options

the first thing you should keep in mind while deciding a college in some other country is the location of the college. Getting a general idea about the climate of the state and their local culture and language is recommended. Going to a foreign country means starting new on every level so try and choose a location that you can easily adjust to.

You can look up these information on internet or consult Country guides to get a general overview.

Rough points to be kept in mind

  • Judge the university based on the evidence that you have and don’t get influenced by other people’s opinion. Listen to what they have to say and then cross-check it with others or surf the internet or go through magazines.

  • Keep the location of university in mind while deciding. Check if you can adjust to the culture of the state and whether it has a peaceful and comfortable environment. Also check the kind of transportation the state has.

  • The campus crowd is also important as they help shape you as an individual. Also, more competitive the crowd is, harder a student works and performs better. Assess the performance quality beforehand. Again, they can be found online and in magazines.

  • Lastly, you don’t simply walk in and decide that you want admission into a particular college. There are certain procedures and you have to be careful about the dates and the deadlines. Have regular updates about admission forms, date of interview and selection procedure.

By and large these are the basic things that you have to take care of while deciding on which university you should select. Simplify your requirements, take a good look at your options, do a thorough comparative study of course options in different university and then decide.

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