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The dedicated team of highly qualified professionals at PCF believes in helping today’s youth, identify their aspirations and guide them on an informed journey towards a meaningful career path. We provide all the information, support, and guidance, an individual needs to make that all-important journey a successful one and end up choosing their perfect career.

Choosing the Right Career

What do you want to be – is a common question we all face early in life, and it usually translates to - how do you intend to earn your living for the rest of your life.  In today’s world, we are spoilt for choices and at a young age begin to shoulder an immense responsibility to choose the right career.It is highly possible that you are confused about what course of action to take. Ideally, earning a living should be about loving what you do and getting someone to pay for it. And most often than not, it is one of the surest ways to a perfect career.

Self Discovery and you

To be able to choose a career that is a perfect fit for you, you will have to first understand who you are, along with all the things that set you apart from others. No two people are exactly the same and the differences are what makes one unique. Self discovery helps you figure out your strengths, your areas of interest, your values, your personality traits, your aptitudes and attitudes, and skills. Knowing yourself is the first step towards gaining wisdom and is most definitely a sure shot way to land a career you know would be ideal for you.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration begins with this journey of self discovery. You need to recognize who you are for you to know which career would suit you the best. With self discovery, you begin to get a sense of what is important to you, what you value, and also learn about what you should do well enough to think of turning your career into a fruitful one. There are options galore in today’s job market and self discovery will help you narrow down your fields of interest to select a few.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is a logical step after self discovery. It leads to clarity of thought; helps identify areas of interests, and chart a desired course of action towards the chosen career. Career counselors understand the difficulties of career choices and have the expertise and knowledge to offer appropriate advice on matters related to education and possible career paths and career changes.

Psychometric Assessment – A path to Self Discovery

Psychometric Assessment tests are designed to objectively measure aspects of your Personality, Mental Aptitude, Intelligence, and Character Traits. It is the best tool for self discovery. It helps you take stock of your values, abilities, interests, and skill sets that are essential to decide your career path.

Perfect Career Fit

Perfect Career Fit offers an online psychometric assessment custom designed by a team of professionals to help define and measure your personality preferences, natural aptitudes, abilities, and motivational interests. Our assessments are especially tailor-made to guide you towards your perfectcareer.

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