Is It The Perfect Career for You?

If you are passionate about travel, the logical step is to make a career out of it. Aviation, travel, and hospitality sectors belong to larger enterprise known as the tourism industry. In travel and tourism, you need to have good communication skills to interact with different people from different places. It is equally important to understand and appreciate the diversity that is part of the tourism industry.

This people-focused industry needs those who are outgoing and confidant, have the ability to think on their feet, and possess good interpersonal skills. Anyone who wishes to have a career in the tourism industry has to enjoy travelling and being outdoors.

Aviation, travel, and hospitality includes a banquet of specialties such as Adventure tourism, aviation safety management, cargo logistics & management, ground staff services, and even meteorology and systems science engineering comes under the purview of the tourism industry. It includes jobs in travel agencies, airlines, hotels, government tourism departments, immigration and customs services, tour operators and several other associated services.

Travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange earners and employment in this sector is essentially to provide services to people who are away from home either on business or on holiday.  

Industry Snapshot

India is home to over 25 world heritage sites, and its coastline is dotted with attractive beaches - a plum destination for tourists seeking leisure and relaxation. India’s rich cultural heritage and diversity makes it an attractive destination for tourists. Travel and tourism is the largest service industry in the country. This sector includes cultural, medical, business and sports tourism.

India is a preferred destination for medical tourism because of the presence of skilled medical professionals and world-class hospitals.  The tour operators are teaming up with the hospitals to tap the wellness tourism market. The medical tourism market in India has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 27 per cent over the last three years and the inflow of medical tourists is expected to cross 320 million by 2015.

The introduction of E-visa scheme and enforcing the electronic travel authorization (ETA) is bound to double the tourist inflow to India and boost the tourism industry. The domestic tourism market is powered by the strong growth in the per capita income of the country and the willingness of the rising young population to spend on leisure services. 

Nature of Work

We have defined the scope of this section:

Aviation, Hospitality: Air hostess, stewardess, ground staff and ticketing, managers and senior staff under the bracket of service part (One part) of aviation sector.

The nature of the work these professionals are listed below:

There are no fixed timings, for working in this industry. The person will have to work according to the rosters made, which are in accordance with the flight schedules. You will be travelling to places and meeting new people. The industry prefers smart looking and people with good height. So you will have to meet the desired criteria. You may have to learn different languages depending upon your job posting, could be local or international languages. The working hours are odd for this industry. This could be tiring and demanding and stressful when you have to be away from your family for longer durations. Despite of all odds you have to be pleasing, helpful and smiling always. Sometime flying like a bird is good, but, every bird requires shelter back on the ground, which is same the demand of these flying staff at times.

Aviation Industry: It is completely different that the Aviation hospitality, the only similarity is everyone works in and around the aircrafts as a team. So who all professionals are working under this umbrella? Come, let’s explore- Pilots, air-traffic controller and regulators, aircraft designers, aviation safety officers, aviation administration and metrology, system engineers, radio-frequency professionals. Other than passengers there is another branch of air transport that is cargo transportation and shipment, which includes perishable cargo, cargo management and marketing.

Travel & Tourism: We will be covering the options relevant to profiles like: Reservation & counter staff, Sales and marketing staff, Tour Planners and Tour guides.

As we go higher in experience there are other job options which we can opt for, provided we have needed qualification and experience, they are: officers in the Directorate and Departments of Tourism are recruited from among the candidates who have done civil service, drawn from the Civil/administrative services of the State and Central governments. They are involved in the planning and promotion of tourism activities.

Whatever the location, position or technical skills you may have, to make it in aviation or travel and tourism you should have attitude to enjoy challenges and have the ability to work well with people.

Skills Required

Various streams have different skill set, below they are categorized in different categories.

1) Aviation (Hospitality and Engineering):-

     Aviation, Hospitality

  • Physically fit and maintained body.
  • Pleasing Personality.
  • Well Groomed.
  • Ability to learn new skills and languages.
  • Adaptable to odd shift hours.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Your attitude has to be helping and serving guests first.
  • Self motivation to keep on moving in stressful working schedules.

     Aviation Engineering

  • Creative and logically correct.
  • Imagination to design air crafts.
  • Prompt decision maker.
  • Fitness both physically and mentally.
  • Alert and active whatever is the time in the clock.
  • Focused mind while at work.
  • Punctual.

Some other general skills which are obvious, but not less important are: organizing skills, punctual, work without supervision, sound subject knowledge. You must have a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to work quickly and accurately and be able to work well within a team.

2) Travel & Hospitality

The hospitality industry offers a wide range of career options, from cooking to hosting, to running a resort. To be successful in the industry, you'll need certain qualities that employers look for and customers expect, including:

  • Commitment
  • Computer Know-How
  • Enthusiasm
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership
  • Knowledgeable of Safety/Hygiene Issues
  • Teamwork
  • Thorough

Different Disciplines of Aviation, Travel & Hospitality

Aviation (Hospitality and Engineering)

  • Airline Tourism & Hospitality Management.
  • Airport Management and Customer Service/ Customer relationship.
  • Flight operation.
  • Airline customer support.
  • In-flight & Ground Staff Services.
  • Cargo marketing and management.
  • Ticket & cargo reservation.
  • Cockpit resource management.
  • Aerodynamics and The basic concepts of flying.
  • Aviation safety.
  • Aviation administration and meteorology.
  • Aircraft design.
  • Systems engineering.
  • Jet mechanics.

Travel & Tourism

The travel & hospitality business is a worldwide industry, with many different options to work. There’s enormous scope for travel & tourism. Hotel Management & Catering Services/ Technology

  • Hospitality Administration Program.
  • Hotel Management & Culinary Arts.
  • International Culinary Arts Program.
  • International Hospitality Administration.
  • Tourism & Hospitality.
  • Travel & Tourism Management.
  • Catering Technology and Culinary Arts.
  • Adventure tourism.
  • Accommodation Operations Management.
  • Dietetics and Hospital Food Service.
  • Institutional Hospitality Management.
  • Craftsmanship course in Food & Beverage Service.
  • Bartendering.
  • Casinos, Bars, clubs and pubs.
  • Conferences and events.
  • Cruise liners.
  • Entertainment and leisure.
  • Food service management/ Food and Beverage Service Management.
  • Heritage.
  • Hospitality services.
  • Hotels.
  • Quick-service retail.
  • Restaurants.

Want to explore any specific discipline in particular? Click on it. There are more courses available in the College Search page.


The admission to the program is done through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). There are approximately 6,000 seats combined with all these institutes for admission to BSc Hospitality and Hotel Administration program. In all, there are 41 institutes in the country that are affiliated with the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

After 10th

A student has 2 options:

Option 1:

For aviation, hospitality also there are short-term courses. Best is to complete education 10+2 and then opt for courses.

Aviation Engineering: There are Diplomas done after 10th class also. However, we suggest having 10+2 or equivalent from Science stream from recognized board and then move to prepare for the engineering entrance test for aviation engineering courses.

Travel, tourism: A student should appear for entrance examination and join diploma in travel, tourism and other courses in tour guide and tour operator tour planners.


A student can continue his/her 11th& 12th at related stream Science/ Commerce/ Arts and simultaneously start preparing for travel tourism entrance exams or aviation hospitality/ Engineering courses.

After 12th

A student who is interested in the hospitality industry can get admission to diploma courses or want to continue their higher studies should prepare for entrance exam i.e. a student who is interested aviation should prepare for the entrance exam to get admission in B.E. / B. Tech. There are aviation related engineering colleges and other courses related to the professions mentioned above.

Travel & Tourism:

Prepare for All India Hotel Management Joint Entrance Exam for travel and tourism. You can apply for various private and aided colleges who are offering various ranges of courses in this field.

Note: Details of the entrance exam are mentioned in the Entrance Exam page.

Career Prospects & Job Opportunities

Career opportunities in the aviation industry are extensive and promising. After the completion of your course, based on your skills and interests, you can choose to take up a career in verticals like marketing, human resource management, operations, logistics and air traffic control. But as you progress in your career, you would be expected to wear different hats. So if you want to grow consistently in the aviation industry, you have to understand the functioning of various departments of the industry and pick up cross-functional skills.

With numerous Indian and international airlines foraying into the country, a host of job profiles has come up for both experienced as well as fresh job seekers. Jobs are available in the private as well as public sector. Depending on the level, the salary packages also meet the industry standards.

Depending upon the interest area there are tons of careers in the aviation industry few are listed below: 

Airline Jobs

  • Flight Attendants
  • Gate Agents
  • Ground Crew 

 Airport Jobs

  • Baggage Checker
  • Security
  • Manager
  • Retail Staff

Ground Support Jobs

  • Ramp Agent Jobs
  • Baggage Handlers
  • Fuelers
  • Control Tower Staff 


Travel & Hospitality

 Global growth and development of tourism have opened up innumerable openings. As a result graduate can look forward to career opportunities as:

  • Management Trainee in Hotel and allied industry.
  • Guest/ Customer Relation Executive in Hotel and other Service Sectors.
  • Kitchen Management/ Housekeeping Management Trainee in Hotels.
  • Flight Kitchens also offer opportunities for career building.
  • Executive multi skilled in Fast Food Chains.
  • Hospital and Institutional Catering Executives.
  • Faculty in Hotel Management/ Food Craft Institutes (after earning industry work experience).
  • Cabin Crew in National and International Airlines.
  • Catering Officer or Chef in Cruise lines.
  • Marketing/ Sales Executive in Hotel.
  • Executive in Tourism Development Corporations and Resort properties.
  • Self employed entrepreneurs.

Some sectors of the industry provide, the more traditional vertical career paths, such as the kitchen where it is possible to move from being an apprentice chef up through various positions to head or executive chef. Many chefs move on to become owner/operators of their own restaurants, or move into management positions in hotels.

Angels and Demons



  • Fly like a free bird, visa and other arrangements are not your headache.
  • You will be travelling to places and meeting new people.
  • You will be paid heavy amounts.
  • You will have groomed, sophisticated and elite personality.
  • You will learn various new languages. 


  • Few positions in aviation, you may have given up on weekends or festive holidays.
  • This industry is for young people.
  • The working hours are odd for this industry.
  • Work profile is tiring and demanding and stressful when you have to be away from your family for longer durations.
  • Despite of all odds you have to be pleasing, helpful and smiling always.
  • Rejected if not medically fit despite of having all necessary qualifications. 


Travel and Hospitality


  • Helping people enjoy themselves.
  • Breaking out of the cubicle.
  • Growing industry.
  • Culinary career can be creative.


  • Tough economic times mean less for leisure.
  • Chef career in hospitality requires lots of training.
  • Good-bye weekends and evening.
  • Physically demanding.
  • Starting pay can be low.

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