Is It The Perfect Career for You?

By nature, we are visual creatures who are attracted to the presence of beauty in everything we see. Keats wasn’t far from the truth when he claimed in his poetic verse that ‘the thing of beauty is a joy forever’.

Lifestyle & Beauty industry is about the application of beauty care and treatment to help people look and feel their best. Looking good is no longer a luxury but a necessity for most people, irrespective of the kind of work they do. People are, increasingly, self aware about how they present themselves to the world and are prepared to spend money on grooming themselves and getting professional help to look their best.

Cosmetology Industry has never looked as fetching as a career option as it does now. With the field of cosmetic science being constantly flooded with new products and advanced treatments, the industry is flush with career opportunities. A growing desire of men and women to maintain a youthful, beautiful appearance coupled with the ever-changing fashion trends has made cosmetology a lucrative business.

An eye for beauty is one of the topmost pre-requisites for a job in this field along with being able to enjoy interacting with people. The professionals in this industry should be well-groomed and look presentable in front of clients. Since cosmetology includes everything from health care to beauty therapy, it is important to keep yourself abreast with the knowledge and use of the range of treatments and equipments to enhance the appearance of the skin, face, hair, and body.

Industry Snapshot

The beauty and cosmetics marketin Indiawith an estimated annual growth of 15-20 percent is growing twice as fast as that of its US and European counterparts. The number of beauty salons has also gone up recently, increasing the demand for skilled beauticians and professionals across the country.The consumption lifestyle of the middleclass segment has changed drastically due to their rising affluence. Owing to the increase in their willingness to buy beauty services and products, the service providers in the Lifestyle & Beauty industry have begun exploring new venues for setting up spas and salons in the Tier II and Tier III cities.

Supported by Ministry of Tourism, the flourishing wellness tourism is a big boost to the industry that is also witnessing a huge influx of international players in the country. Earlier, this industry was considered women-centric but the recent years have seen a large addition of unisex salons that also focus on male grooming. Like any other industry, the lifestyle and beauty industry too faces certain challenges like lack of skilled manpower and organized training institutes, high operational costs etc but the demand for professionals in this field will always be in vogue. 

Nature of work

With the right skills and an eye for style, your prospects for a career in the Beauty industry could look as good as the people you pamper. This industry works everywhere from small towns to large cities. It caters to everyone from  Bollywood to industrialists to the elite class. Accordingly, you will be serving your clients. It is purely a service based industry. You have to please the client in a manner so that they are satisfied and get compliments. Your work will generally be from 10am in the morning till 8pm in the evening. The crowd will be maximized during holidays, festivities and marriage occasions. Many a times you will have to provide in-house services also.

In case your clients have events then the working hours can be as per the event schedule which in normal cases can go on until late at night. It all depends on what your aim is; whether you wish to work with a good reputed salon or spa or you wish to be associated with the Bollywood or event industry.

Your life will be revolve around counseling them and providing them with the best possible solutions for their problems, associated with their looks. It is definitely an individual biased industry when it comes to looks and beauty. You have to be aware of the latest trends and products in the market. Many a times satisfying your clients becomes tough; therefore you have to learn the art of pleasing your customers.

Skills Required

With the right skills and an eye for style, your prospects for a career in the Beauty industry can multiply. Come, let’s explore what the skills required for a successful career in Lifestyle & Beauty care are:

  • Interest in fashion. 
  • Accounting & managerial skills.
  • People oriented.
  • Good personal presentation & grooming.
  • Respect & understanding of diversity.
  • Must have creativity and a keen eye for Beauty trends.
  • Have people & communication skills.
  • A polite, pleasant and friendly personality.
  • There is a constant need to keep abreast of the latest and emerging trends in the field.
  • Be trustworthy, discreet, and dependable.
  • Be able to perform work in an unobtrusive, non-invasive manner.
  • Have a steady hand and be detail-oriented. Some treatments require lots of delicate and detailed work.

Different Disciplines of Lifestyle and Beauty Care

  • Beauty Culture
  • Beauty Technology & Cosmetology
  • Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing
  • Body Therapy
  • Cosmetic Technology
  • Dietetics, Food & Nutrition
  • Fashion Media Makeup
  • Food Science & Quality Control
  • Hair Styling & Beauty
  • Nail Art
  • Skincare Aesthetics
  • Trichology

Want to explore any specific discipline in particular? Click on it. There are more courses available in the College Search page.


In order to be successful, a Beauty therapist must have acquired specific types of knowledge and several years of specialized training. Freelance beauticians, Mobile beauticians, Spa owners, and Beauty salon owners require numerous skills and qualifications outside the realm of simple Beauty therapy. This qualification enables graduates to be competent in a broad range of Beauty therapy treatments and services.

While most Beauty industry careers typically involve some sort of vocational training, there are some careers in the industry that require an undergraduate degree. These careers are often in the business-end of the industry and include Account executive, Regional sales, Marketing and Product. You can take a number of different qualifications related to Beauty studies at different levels; such as diploma, and foundation degrees, like graduation and post graduation.

To become a fully qualified Beauty therapist you would normally complete a Beauty therapy qualification. However, you can start working in a salon or spa as an assistant and study for qualifications on the job.

Alternatively, you could do a full-time or part-time college course while looking for work, to help you gain some of the knowledge and skills needed in this job.

After 10th

There are a variety of diploma courses available in Lifestyle & Beauty care for 10th pass students. The duration of these courses may vary from a few weeks to a couple of months. For students who want to enter this sector after 12th are free to take any stream of studies in 11th and 12th. But students who want to take a career in Food science and Health care should opt for the Science stream.

After 12th

After completing 12th one can join for diploma courses in this sector. There are 5 year integrated B. Sc. and M.Sc courses as well. Some institutes conduct entrance tests and personal interviews for the admission to the diploma courses. The VLCC Institute is one of the biggest Beauty institutes in our country. Professionals and experts in the field of Beauty and Nutrition provide courses in Beauty, Cosmetology, Hair, Makeup, Spa treatments and Nutrition advices. Jawed Habib Institute, Blossom Kochhar College, Kaya Skin Clinic and Institute, the Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Institute are some of the prominent institutes offering Lifestyle & Beauty care courses in India. Image consulting is also one of the most upcoming and promising careers.

To become an Image Consultant, no standard education requirements exist, but training programs are available in the field. These programs may cover certain aspects of fashion, such as colors and business wear, as well as areas such as nutrition and communication. Some Image Consultants may pursue a degree in Mass Communication or Public Relations, which provide information for effective interpersonal communication, public speaking and relaying a specific message.

Career Prospects & Job Opportunities

The Beauty industry is diverse both in size of organizations and types of industry sectors. While the majority of the industry is easily identified within the Beauty salons, there are many practitioners working in the spa industry, pharmacies, hairdressing businesses and health, entertainment and tourism firms. The sizes of the businesses vary from single person businesses to businesses employing more than 20 staff members. The industry also includes mobile practitioners and franchise businesses. The Beauty industry today encompasses far more than cosmetics and skin care products, though they are still a significant portion of the sector. People who perform a range of different treatments, such as Hair removal (Depletion), Make-up and Facial massages are known as Beauticians or Beauty therapists. With extra training, Beauty therapists can become qualified in more complicated techniques like Aromatherapy, Electrical treatments for skin and hair, and Nail extensions. Beauty therapists might work in-house for one organization, or could become freelance Beauty consultants.

One can be an entrepreneur and start one's own beauty parlor, even in a small way, with less capital investment. Or, work as a Beauty therapist, Masseuse, Hairstylist, Make-up artist and so on. Also, one could become a Salon/Spa manager, Beauty adviser, Cosmetic consultant, Product consultant, Freelance beautician or Makeup artist, or even a Beauty school teacher. Whether you’re an Aesthetician, Cosmetologist or Makeup artist, there are a wide variety of career paths in the Beauty industry—it’s all a matter of deciding where you fit and then getting your foot in the door.  Work in this field involves the knowledge and use of a range of treatments and equipment to enhance the appearance of the face, body and hair. The main task of a Beautician is to give an attractive appearance to their clients.

People in the Lifestyle & Beauty industry work in places like spas, salons and health farms, although there is crossover with other industries. For example, film, TV and fashion which requires Make-up artists and Hair stylists, some Beauty therapists might work in hospitals or alongside cosmetic surgeons, and Beauty consultants are called upon to advise Cosmetics researchers and Manufacturers to Scientists and Production engineer’s right up to your neighborhood Pedicurist and Mehndi Walli. 

The Beauty industry has a wide spread across various industry types and the employment opportunities are vast regardless of the education and age of the professional. Skilled workers can start working in salons, spas, resorts, star hotels as Assistants and as Artists for various specialized jobs. Professionals can work either as Beauty executives, Cosmetologists, Beauty advisors or Consultants with cosmetic companies. They can also work as a Salesperson to market a range of Beauty products. Experienced professionals are now regularly in demand in the fashion, advertising, film, television and theatre industry. Those who have gained expertise and have experience can open their own Beauty salons or clinics. They can also work as Instructors in health clubs and allied fields or can teach in Cosmetology schools. The other jobs in this sector are:

  • Aesthetician
  • Massage Therapist
  • Electrologist
  • Spa/Fitness Attendant
  • Makeup artist
  • Hairdresser/ Hair Stylist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Skin care specialist
  • Manicure, pedicure specialist
  • Beauticians /Beauty stylist
  • Nutritionist

Angels and Demons


  • Job flexibility, self-employment, can work as a part-timer, full-timer, freelancer etc.
  • Highly demanded careers and services as people are getting more and more conscious about personal care.
  • No age limit to enter into this career.
  • Well qualified internationally certified Beauty therapists are in demand almost all over the world.
  • A better option to start one’s own business.


  • Only skilled persons can survive as the competition is increasing.
  • Must always be keen to observe latest trends and brands.
  • Have to be careful about chemicals and allergies.
  • One has to be up on his/her feet for hours, and thus it can be very tedious.
  • One major mistake with the customer can take away your reputation.

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